Reinstall Android with an SD Card

Why reinstall android?


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There are some really good reasons to reinstall the software on your tablet. Usually it is because of some sort of problem that can’t be fixed any other way. Two of these problems would be:

Your tablet is stuck on the start screen.

Sometimes, like in all computing devices, things aren’t exactly as they should be. With Windows they call it the “Blue Screen of Death” and it means that the software is mixed up. The solution to this reinstall android.

You have put a password on your tablet and you don’t remember it.

Passwords are made not to be broken. People keep sensitive things on their devices. For this reason it isn’t easy to get through a password protected tablet. The solution is to reinstall android.


There are other reasons. Software upgrades, new parts, etc. But the first two are the major ones I am interested in.


What do you need to reinstall android?


You need three things to reinstall the software on your tablet.

  • PhoenixCard
  • The android image file
  • An SD Card

PhoenixCard is a software that let you burn Android firmwares on micro SD cards. Phoenixcard is free Windows based software designed to create bootable images and write them to connected removable drives, such as SDCARDs or MicroSDs. The removable drive is then placed into the target device and the device is made to boot from the removable drive, applying an update or complete reimage to the target.

The link to this software is here.

Android Image File

This is the file that will reinstall the android operating system.

The link to this software is here.

SD Card

This is what you will put the image on. It needs to be at least 1 GB.

Important: This will erase any files on the SD card.


How do I reinstall android?

  • Download the PhoenixCard file to a folder on your PC. Then unzip it.
  • Download the image file to your Windows system.
  • Obtain a micro SD card of at least 1GB in size and connect it to your PC in some fashion. It should be accessible under a drive letter in Windows.
  • Browse to the folder where you unzipped PhoenixCard and find the PhoenixCard.exe file with the green folder icon next to it. Double click to launch. The PhoenixCard software will launch.
  • Using the drop down to the right of Disk select the windows drive letter that contains your Micro SD card.
  • Click on the image button and browse to where-ever you extracted (image name).img to, and select the file.
  • Ensure Product is selected under Write Mode. Product mode will create a self booting Micro SD designed to apply a separate image to a device.
  • Click on Burn. Pay attention to the status messages. Once it is complete you can eject the Micro SD from your windows system.
  • Place the SD Card in your tablet and turn it on.
  • The software will install itself.
  • Take the SD Card out and turn the tablet on.


Now wait a few minutes and your tablet should be all updated and ready to go.

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  1. Saludos Sres!!

    Tengo una Tablec Digital Reins…

    El inconveniente es el siguientemi tablec esta defectuosa desde un tiempo, me ha venido presentando problemas con la conectividad al WIFI, descargue las dos IMG del link y con esta new_9X2 me funciona todo normal menos el problema del WIFI sigue defectuoso… Con esta IMG 9InchWBluetooth (1) me da problemas con la camara pero el WIFI si funciona… por favor si me podrian ayudar.

    En espera de su respuesta


    1. Hola Rafael,

      Gracias por contactarnos. Vamos a incluir otra Image en el website. Tan pronto añadamos el image, le enviaremos el link a su email.

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