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Welcome to Digital Reins

OUR PHILOSOPHY – Making Technology Work for You

Digital Reins exists for three main reasons:

  1. Digital Reins is a forum for thoughts and ideas on technology; where we have come from and where we are headed. Technology is pervasive in our society today. We have it in our pockets, purses, backpacks, we even wear it.
  2. Digital Reins wants to bring knowledge, in the form of tutorials and how to’s, to the people who are looking for it. We also welcome people who want to share their knowledge. Knowledge is a gift and the best thing to do with a gift is to give it.
  3. Last but not least, Digital Reins manufactures and provides technology to those who are looking for it. Technology is our passion and we would like to share it with everyone.

We become so immersed in our world that sometimes we forget to look around and see the changes. Technology is pervasive. It is truly everywhere. Cell phones, laptops, video  game consoles, tablets…… These are our world and we would be lost without them. Who holds the reins? Who directs who? Do we manipulate the technology or does the technology manipulate us? Is it symbiotic?

In the end, the technology is shaped by the world and world is shaped by technology.

These are the questions we pose. As software developers we wonder what you think about technology.

  • How do you feel about technology?
  • Do you think about it?
  • Are you amazed or are you nonchalant?

Rarely do people live in a state of utter fascination with the world around them.  We are fascinated in the beginning,   and then we become used to something. Where are you in this cycle? We live with technology that would have been considered magic just a few hundred years ago and don’t even bat an eye.

Our site consists of a plethora of digital items and info.

Our Digital World is a collection of stories about technology today.

Our Forum is always open.

How To is a myriad of how tos (guess that one was self explanatory)

Feel free to wander. ;)